Stop Repossession, Save Your Car

If you are like most people, your car is your freedom and one of your most important possessions. If your car has been repossessed, I want to help you regain your freedom through bankruptcy. But we need to act quickly.

In order to get your car back, you need to file for bankruptcy within 10 days of the repossession. If you let two weeks pass, the creditor will likely have sold your car.

Choosing whether to file for bankruptcy is difficult, but there are times when making that decision quickly is necessary. In those times, your bankruptcy attorney must be ready to act with the same urgency. In one case, I helped a client file for bankruptcy just seven hours after meeting me for the first time.

How Can I Stop Car Repossession?

After you file bankruptcy, you will receive "automatic stay" documents. An automatic stay is a bankruptcy tool that stops most creditor actions against you, including repossession. If your car hasn't been repossessed, a creditor will be unable to take possession of it without court approval.

If your car has already been repossessed, we can show your creditor the automatic stay documents and hopefully get your car back for a minor towing fee.

Can I Keep My Car In Bankruptcy?

Whether you choose to keep your car depends on the bankruptcy you file and the facts of your specific case. Here are some examples:

  • Through a Chapter 13 repayment plan, you may be able to negotiate with your creditor to pay your overdue car payments gradually and at a lower interest rate
  • Through Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, you can sign a reaffirmation agreement which may allow you to become current on your car loan
  • In some cases, you may be able to "cram down" your vehicle payments so you only owe on the market value of the car

Call For A Free, No-Risk Meeting

I'm not a stuffed-shirt bankruptcy lawyer. I am a person who knows life has its ups and downs. If I can help you get your car back and retain some of your freedom during this difficult time, I will.

Let's sit down and talk about your options to stop repossession. Call 616-259-4328 or fill out my online contact form to set up a free, no-risk and confidential consultation at my Grand Rapids, Michigan, law office. I offer evening and weekend appointments when necessary.

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